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Cable Modem Troubleshooting Guide

Check that the power cord is plugged in.
1. Check cable connections (is the TV working?). Check coaxial cable connections.
2. If you are using USB cable .Did you load the USB drivers?
3. If you are using a WIFI/router, is it turned on? Check the USB cable connections. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.
4. If you are using an Switch hub, is the Internet hub turned on?
5. Make sure you turn-on 1st the Cable Modem and wait until it is online before you turn on your WIFI/router.
6. Are you using the right Internet cable? (Straight cable for direct connection to a PC, cross-over cable for connection to a hub.)
7.The cable light on the modem should light up indicating a good Internet connection.
8. Make sure that the LAN port TCP/IP on your computer is in automatically obtained.