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Kalibo Cable Television Network, Inc. is one of the nations leading cable companies with majority residential customers in the province of Aklan. In addition to cable services, KCTN is the first Cable TV provider that uses its technical facility to deliver quality Cable TV Broadcast in the Western Visayas.

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Kalibo Cable Services & Channels

Web Applications and Services

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image03 Web Hosting and Email
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What We Do?

Kalibo Cable TV Network is a full-time provider of total IT solutions that has grown to national prominence and continuously growing in magnitude along with its organization. Taking its pride in the future and it is now considered being the most renowned cable and internet provider in the region.

CCTV Wifi Hotspots VOIP PABX PPV Programming Video Coverage

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Crystal Clear Signal

All year round full entertainment through crystal clear cable signal.

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Reliable Support and Quick Reponse Team

Delivers reliable and on time technical support. Proficient customer service team that provide customers with excellent service delivery.

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Fast Internet

Experience the power of unlimited internet for your home or business.

Have You Seen our Works?

project 1

Fast Cable Internet

Cable Internet
Wifi Hot spot

Experience fast internet connection with upto 4mbps plus free CABLE TV in an affordable price. See price tables

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Cable TV

Crystal Clear Cable TV with 113 channels
Digital Box with 12 Premium Channels
Local Channels
Pay Per View
See price tables
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Information and Communication Technology Services

Web Development, Web Hosting and Web Applications
Networking and Structured Cabling
System Integration
project 4

Security and Access Control

Assets Tracking
ID System
project 5

Joining Activities and Events

Employee appreciation party
Involving employees as equal members of the organization
Motivating employees
Developing and ensuring a good morale

Improving the efficiency of employees while enjoying at the same time.

project 6

Kalibo Ati-atihan 2016

The Ati-Atihan Festival is a feast held annually in January in honor of the Santo NiƱo (Infant Jesus), concluding on the third Sunday, in the island and town of Kalibo, Aklan in the Philippines. The name "Ati-Atihan" means "to be like Atis" or "make believe Ati's". Itas were the primary settlers in the islands according to history books. They too are the earliest settlers of Panay Island where the province of Aklan is situated.

project 7

Love Radio Kalibo

DYSM 100.1 Love Radio Kalibo is the OFFICIAL NO. 1 FM Radio Station in Kalibo based on the AC-Nielsen Survey of 2011. DYSM 100.1 Love Radio Kalibo is located at Kalibo Cable TV Compound, Veterans Ave., Kalibo, Aklan with Telephone No. 268-1458.

project 8

PCTA, INC. Convention 2013

The Philippine Cable Television Association, Inc. (PCTA) is the umbrella organization of cable television operators in the Philippines. Its membership roster includes the biggest cable operators in the country as well as the medium and small cable operators who, through their pain-staking efforts, have succeeded in bringing up-to-date programs, information, and technology to the farthest island in the country. To date, the PCTA has 326 regular members and 25 affiliate members. Together, the PCTA member-cable operators are serving 85% of the total cable TV subscribers in the Philippines.

project 9

Watch Live Streaming Online

You can now enjoy watching the Live Coverage of different event by KCTVN through your Smartphone, PC, Laptop and Tablet via Online Live Streaming in Youtube.

Kalibo Cable Employee's Day 2016html video by VideoLightBox.com v3.1

Employee's Day 2016

"Family: like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one." Live, Love, Laugh!

  • project 1


    Cable Internet

  • project 2

    Cable TV

    Crystal Clear Cable TV

  • project 3

    ICT Services

    Web Development, Web Hosting

  • project 4

    Security and Access Control


  • project 5

    Joining Activities and Events

    Happy Hours

  • project 6

    Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2016

    During Live Coverage.

  • project 7

    During Live Broadcasting

    Love Radio Kalibo

  • project 8

    PCTA, INC. Convention 2013

    @SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

  • project 9

    Live Streaming

    Online Live Streaming of Big Events

  • project 9

    Employee's Day 2016

    @Sazon's Beach and Resort

Who We Are?

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Providing high performance internet connection.

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Fast response of technical support.

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Providing reliable and affordable services.

About Us

Kalibo Cable TV Network, Inc., is the first and only cable provider in the region offering Triple Play services for video, data and voice. Kalibo Cable TV Network, Inc., was officially registered with SEC on 1997. A full State-of-the-Art technology and Multi-media company servicing the province of Aklan and its neighbor province of Antique, delivering Cable TV and Internet services from Narrowband to full Broadband access.


  • Technology

  • Quality

  • Internet Speed

  • Crystal Clear Signal

Kalibo Cable TV Inc, Mission & Vision

The leading multi-service operator and strong competitive position and motivated personnel providing excellent customer service with healthy financial condition and aggresive marketing programs that sustain leadership in the industry.

➭ To provide all-year round full entertainment through crystal clear cable signal and hands-on technical support.
➭To deliver timely global information through cable and radio services.
➭To provide advance multimedia services using the stae-of-the-art technologies.

Join Us

The technology you need,
The quality you want,
The service you deserve.

Kalibo Cable TV Inc Online Streaming

Watch Online Coverage on your Smart Phone, Personal Computer and Tablet via Youtube

Kalibo Cable TV Internet and Digital Box Pricing Tables


Residential Package1

  • Php1139/month
  • Up to 1Mbps
  • 24/7 Support
  • With HD Cable TV

Residential Package2

  • Php1649.00/month
  • Up to 1.5mb
  • 24/7 Support
  • With HD Cable TV

Residential Package3

  • Php2074.00/month
  • Up to 2mb
  • 24/7 Support
  • With HD Cable TV

Commercial Package1

  • Php2750.00/month
  • Up to 3mb
  • 24/7 Support
  • FreeHD Cable TV

Commercial Package2

  • Php3850.00/month
  • Up to 4mb
  • 24/7 Support
  • With HD Cable TV
  • Contact Us
  • 268-8101
  • 268-8102
  • 268-8103


  • Free Digital Box
  • Free 50 ft. Cable Wire
  • Free Installation


  • 60+ DIGITAL & 5HD CH
  • Free HD Box
  • Free 50 ft. Cable Wire
  • Free Installation


  • 112+ DIGITAL & 10HD CH
  • Free HD Box
  • Free 50 ft. Cable Wire
  • Free Installation


  • 112+ DIGITAL & 36+ HD CH
  • Free HD Box
  • Free 50 ft. Cable Wire
  • Free Installation

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Other Branch Locations

❯ Caticlan, Aklan       Phone:288-7400
❯ Pandan, Antique
❯ Culasi, Antique       Phone:277-8012
❯ Boracay, Malay      Phone:288-6879
❯ Ibajay, Aklan           Phone:288-7400

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